Friends of the Library

The South Cheatham Friends of the Library provides funds and volunteer hours to support specific library programs, events, equipment, or activities that align with South Cheatham Library and community needs. From books and special guests to supplies and beyond, our mission is to provide for the library, it’s staff, and our community with anything that our library does not otherwise have the resources to facilitate.

You can support the South Cheatham Friends of the Library by:
Attending a Meeting – All are welcome to attend the SCFOL meetings held the first Tuesday each month at 6PM at the South Cheatham Library.
Becoming a SCFOL Member – Become a voting member and help guide our Friends group with a minimum annual donation of just $25. You’ll even get a SCFOL logo sticker!
Making a Donation at the library – The SCFOL is a 501c3 charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible. Any amount of donation can make a big difference in our support of the library.

Click here for more information on the responsibilities of the Friends of the Library and how they compare to the responsibilities of the Library Board of Trustees and Library Director.

South Cheatham Friends of the Library Agendas & Minutes